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05 March 2018

Transformation in Uzgorhod Ukraine

A story from the team in Ukraine... 
Transforming Our Community Through Drama
We are developing a deep partnership with Calvary Church Oceanside who will begin sending at least two teams a year to Uzhgorod.  Don and Beverly Dennison, the mission team coordinators, visited with us for two weeks in February to begin planning their first Short Term Team which will come in October.  The first team will be a Drama Team that will perform a play written by their drama director James Shaver entitled “The Prodigal”, a modern-day version of the classic Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Calvary Chapel Oceanside has three goals when they go deep in community mission work.  First they partner with a local parachurch organization focused on community transformation.  Then they work alongside a local church.  Finally, they build partnerships with local television and radio stations.  Their desire is to have a deep impact on every continent, and they have chosen to partner with us as their presence in Europe through our host Church of the Living God.

Our prep tour began in Kyiv with a visit to Emmanuel Television and Svitle Radio, both part of the worldwide Christian Broadcasting Network family.  Then we visited with local churches in Lviv, Ternopil and Mukachave to plan some productions outside of Uzhgorod.  We partnered with Spring of Life Church in Lviv and Church of the Living God in Mukachave to hold productions in their cities.  Finally, we arrived in Uzhgorod where the main part of the ministry will take place.  We will hold one production in partnership with Uzhgorod National University for students, and then hold two productions at the local Puppet Theater in partnership with The Rotary Club for the general population.  After each performance, audience members will be invited to our Connections Café for a more intimate time with the actors who will perform Improv and share their faith in Christ.  They will also hold a drama workshop for a children’s drama team run by New Testament Church, another local church in Uzhgorod.

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