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02 December 2014

Shots of life

In my silence I have been busy...getting married...learning to live in a different culture...transitioning to a new home...and learning how to cook for more than just one person among other things.

As I seem to be emerging now from the whirlwind of change, I can honestly say that I've learned quite
a few things:
  • it is always better to make a meal from a trusted recipe than to try something for guests that you have never eaten...and is from a cookbook that you have never tried,
  • it is always better to go to the action on Wednesdays than to sit home and wonder what to do,
  • it is always better to get up early and cook your husband breakfast just for fun than to sleep in (ok, so maybe not always but often it is better),
  • and it is always better to just let things flow and not fret over the lack of control of life.
So as I embark on this new phase, I am hoping to do a bit more of what makes my heart sing and adds life to the community around me.

One such endeavor is going to be photography.

So consider this my foray into a slightly different world of photography...enjoy!