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22 January 2013

Life in Transition

This past fall my life changed, even more than I would have anticipated.

I got engaged.

Ed Ballard asked me to marry him in the midst of an apple orchard on a chilly day in Indiana.

I said yes.

This coming summer on 6 July 2013 we will be married.  And I will be Mrs Stacie Ballard.

How cool is that?

So many years of prayer, so many questions, so many hopes and well wishes...and God has honored me with the gift of marriage.

What comes next will be another chapter as a sojourner.

A long time ago my Mother gave me a delicate gold bracelet that was a ring of animals from Noah's Ark.  They went around the wrist in a pattern which was to remind me that God sends out his disciples in twos.  He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  My Mom told me to remember that God always has someone who will work with us, and be with us even if that is not family.

But sometimes, it is family.

So soon sojourning as a couple begins.  I can't wait to see what God has planned.


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