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29 March 2012

Airports and Going Home

I love going to the airport.

I've been to so many over the years, and there is just something about the going and coming that amazes me. Each time.

But today was a bit different.

Today we went to the airport with a girl who doesn't really remember coming to Greece.

She didn't have a nice send-off from family and friends at home.
She didn't enjoy a safe flight with food and movies and comfort.
She didn't enjoy knowing what would be at the other end of her flight.

Instead she came to Greece through a trafficker. her trip to the airport was not an enjoyable one at all.

Yet today, she was excited. She was going home. Through her own choice.

Due to strikes and a series of miscommunications between Greek, English and Nigerian the race to the airport was a bit like a dash. Yet in the end the arrival was in enough time to have lunch where everyone ate calmly as if this was just any other meal.

As we joined the others being repatriated, I couldn't help but look around at the different nationalities. I began to think about the stories of each person, and wondered how they had ended up in Greece, why they had chosen to go home, had they chosen actually or been deported, what awaited them on the other end of the flight, would they regret their decision or rejoice in it?

It also made me so thankful to have had so many flights where I had known where I was going and why.
It made me thankful that my family rejoiced in my arrival.
It made me thankful for all the comforts of my travels, and the safety.
It made me thankful as well that God is over even the airports.

It made me thankful to be doing what I do, as I got to participate in just a tiny part of a girl's freedom and release from oppression.

I know that sounds lofty and rather presumptuous, but today I got to see...
... why people continue to go out into the streets,
... why people share with those in slavery,
... why people pray for release,
... why people don't give up on those making bad choices...

because sometimes there is an airport trip like today...where a girl is going home to a new life and is excited.

I do love airports. Today more than most days.

"to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness." Isaiah 42:6-9

Shalom in Him