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02 August 2009

Greek class

In the middle of Athens there is a school where a few of us are learning how to navigate the Greek language. The Athens Centre is now my 'home' for three intense weeks of language lessons every morning. I have a nice walk up the hill once downtown, and time to practice all my new vocab on the bus into town!

I'm in the beginning level, and it is harder than I would have imagined actually. Who knew there was that much vocab to learn!!

The Centre is beautiful though, and we have a nice spot for coffee breaks and study sessions. The roof even offers a view of the Acropolis, to remind us all of the classic beauty of the country and it's language - when the verbs cause us to forget!

My class is mostly foreigners with several other languages under their belt. In fact, often I feel as if we are progressing quickly because we all know too much! They are a fun group to learn with though!

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steve said...

So, is it true that having learned one other language its easier to learn another? and, will this enable you to read the Greek NT? Looking forward to a SB's session when you get home. By the way, when exactly do you arrive?