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11 April 2009

Graphetti and scrunchies

The city streets of downtown Athens are by no means without character. The buildings on the outside resemble something run-down and abandoned.

What used to be one of the most historical areas of the city, has now become known as a ghetto. The ministries are located in the heart of these ghettos. I actually love the sights and sounds of the center as it makes me feel as if all of the cultures of the city have collided.

Other sights can be found once inside the buildings around the center, however, sights of families, mostly refugees.

One of the dear families there are Russian speakers which have become an integral part of my life here. After a near fatal accident in December, M has opened her heart even more than during the years previously. Her life has been tied dramatically to the lives of some of us gals, and I believe that God has a purpose in this as in all things.

A celebration for her older daughter took place not long ago, and it was full of laughter and hair scrunchies...which is something that no girl can have too many of!

My heart is turned toward these dear ones that live in the midst of these streets of dirt and graphetti. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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susan said...

Good story, Stace ... I don't look too bad .. no scrunchies though ... hmmm