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25 April 2009

Easter Candles

Candles are very important in the celebration of Easter in Greece. At midnight a candle is lite from a flame flown in from Jerusalem each year. This flame is then passed by candle to all the Orthodox Churches in Greece. This flame is then used to light a candle brought to the church by each believer. When the midnight service is done, and the bells ring to symbolize that Christ has risen, a wave of small bobbing lights flow out from the church into the neighborhood.

I found it all very symbolic.

This year Nea Zoi (Lost Coin) gave candles to those trapped on the streets and in the brothels. As I helped to arrange the candies, Scripture card and candle decorations, I was reminded to pray that this would be a symbol of the Light of the World to those who would receive it.

May His name be praised!

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