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02 August 2009

Greek class

In the middle of Athens there is a school where a few of us are learning how to navigate the Greek language. The Athens Centre is now my 'home' for three intense weeks of language lessons every morning. I have a nice walk up the hill once downtown, and time to practice all my new vocab on the bus into town!

I'm in the beginning level, and it is harder than I would have imagined actually. Who knew there was that much vocab to learn!!

The Centre is beautiful though, and we have a nice spot for coffee breaks and study sessions. The roof even offers a view of the Acropolis, to remind us all of the classic beauty of the country and it's language - when the verbs cause us to forget!

My class is mostly foreigners with several other languages under their belt. In fact, often I feel as if we are progressing quickly because we all know too much! They are a fun group to learn with though!

27 July 2009

Watermelon, friends and the weekend

Sunio along the coast of mainland Greece - a wonderful day excursion with friends! The site was hot but interesting, but the beach and watermelon were the best part! Except for the sea urchins of course...

04 July 2009

Visiting Sisters

For 10 days I had the priviledge of hanging out with a group from Southwest Hills Church where my sister and her husband attend in Portland, Oregon.

The gals came to help, and encourage and challenge and celebrate.

My sister Anita and Sarah and Angie were troupers from the start. Packing three strollers for the 'babies' on the other side! They were all given or purchased to be passed on to refugees in Athens.
A myriad of summer dresses and outfits were carried to be given to a refugee friend's children.

Meals were eaten in the midst of jet lag and culture shock in the hopes of showing God's love.

A Mexican dinner was prepared for the single missionaries to provide a place of fun and fellowship at no cost to them.

Prayer and praise was prepared for the team as well, to encourage their spirits.

A photography lesson was taught to those interested in learning how to better take shots of the ministry. It was taught by my sister, so of course I thought it was great!!

And still there was a bit of time for that expected touring of the beauties of Greece.

I am so thankful that they came, and were sent. It was a busy and crazy time, but it was a total blast. Thanks girls! Thanks all who sent them! Come again anytime!

10 June 2009

Community awareness

Nea Zoi recently held a community awareness evening to share information about the issue of trafficking in Greece. Many participated and shared of the grievous injustices that are taking place around the corner. It was a night of stories and facts, and hopefully many eyes were opened to the plight of girls being trafficked into Greece.

A dance group shared through drama a possible scenario of trafficked women, and many were moved to tears by their expressive performance.

A monologue of complied victims stories was read both in English and Greek through a screen to perhaps bring the details into more perspective for the listeners.

As the event closed the Nea Zoi gang gathered for a photo. Good job gals!

19 May 2009

Worship and Teams

A team retreat is a beautiful thing, in that it provides time away to worship and fellowship together. It was my joy to sing along with the girls during worship, and to actually display my parents talent (having a Mom with lots of musical ability and a Dad that loves to sing!).

Not to mention that as a team we experienced the true joys of Greece, the outdoors!