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03 December 2008


This past weekend the Helping Hands team went for a retreat up in the mountains of Greece. We drove four hours to the north (I believe anyway!) and ended up on the side of a mountain overlooking some villages near the port city of Volos. It was a breathtaking view when the fog did not cover over everything!

Our hotel was right in the middle of the moutain, so it made for some fun cozy nights with fires and games.

The retreat centered on worship, fellowship and a discussion of core values and evaluating team ministries in light of those values. I found it to be a rather interesting discussion since I the 'newbie' and had only had one week of 'experience'!

The surrounding area was fun for walks up and down the mountain, and I found the side markers of Greek Orthodoxy to be particularly fascinating. They made for wonderful reminders on the road of God's presence everywhere.

This part of Greece is known for their candied fruit, which was sold in a nearby village. I must admit to loving their hot chocolate more than the candied pears and such, but it was fun to take photos of the sights!

On Sunday we worshiped with the Volos Greek Evangelical Church, and were treated to a outdoor barbecue Greek style. It reminded me of the Russian shashliks that I have loved since my first times there. The Greek weather for the barbecue was fabulous, and we ended our time with a walk along the port.

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