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22 December 2008

Regular Life

A 'normal' day has yet to happen to me, but there are a few stables in life like my room with Sam and Fran. The balconey, on warm days, is where I have my breakfast of oatmeal with walnuts. The rest of the apartment is open for light which is such a wonderful addition to the day.

My room is decorated for Christmas with some lights and candles, and even a package sent from home to be opened on a day of celebration! I have really settled in and love the freedom to be part of the family, as well as have my own space for skyping and reading and solitude.

I even have my own litte bathroom!

Sam spends much of his ministry time talking with people and discipling, as well as learning various languages on the computer.

Fran is the grand cook and has made many a good meal which I have loved! So far my favorite is curry with various veggies, from their garden!
One of my favorite things so far has been to see the little signs for Greek cafes, but with the same spelling as the Russian cafes so loved before. I've yet to visit, but will plan to do so over the holidays as they are all along the sidewalks and streets.

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