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26 December 2008

Christmas Eve in Athens

Christmas Eve breakfast was out on the balconey in a lovely house where I am honored to housesit. I have to admit that despite being homesick and missing my family, it was a very fun treat to have such a sunny spot for the holiday morning!

The holiday progressed with two new gals coming over to celebrate, and enjoy a fine dinner together. We were later joined by festive teammates as we attempted to create egg nog and watch 'traditional' Greek parties on TV. It was a memorable Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day brought some Greek sights, such as a nativity scene and church bells in the background. I had a lovely walk to dinner with believing Iranians hosted by Sam and Fran. We shared testimonies, trials and jokes about life in other countries. It was an evening to honor God and remember His testimony in our lives. I felt as if I was sitting in the presence of those who God might use to one day change the history of Iran.

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Mariaj said...

Merry Christmas Stacy. I can't imagine how much you miss your family on Christmas Day. God is good, and I had the wonderful privilege of being with my whole family for Christmas (Charity and Zachary came out to Australia for a few weeks)
I hope the Lord continues to bless you as you serve him.
Love and Prayers,
Maria JoAnn