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18 December 2008

Christmas Celebrations

The team prepared for the Christmas parties over the week, but final preparations made for a tense group of celebrators! All came together in the end, as ususal however for a great time!

(Notice the beverage of choice for the team ... although coffee is a close second!)

The kitchen was busy throughout the day, with food for over 100 people each evening. The Persian feast was rice, chicken and a cabbage salad which many enjoyed. My role was in the kitchen cleaning up two of the nights, and I have to say that I've never seen so many dishes!

Tables were arranged with a believing table host, whose role was to share the good news, and then a table runner for supplying all the possible needs. One night Laura and I shared a table, and had a fun evening talking to some Russian speakers.

The program was first actually, with a puppet show and games for all. Then a speaker shared the true story of Christmas and offered His book as gifts for those who sought Him.

It is amazing to think how such a busy and relatively chaotic event can bring fruit, but such is the nature of the incredible Master we serve!

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