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25 November 2008

Getting to Know the Neighborhood

This is number 69 where I'll be residing in Athens for at least the first little bit. The apartment is on the second floor. There is a nice-sized living room, a kitchen, office and then entry way along with two bedrooms and even two baths. My lovely hosts are Sam and Fran, American missionaries who have been in Greece for 9 years! They are great cooks as well as wonderful kindred sojourners.

This is the bus stop just around the corner which takes me downtown all the way, or to the closest metro and then on to the center. The bus is on a semi-schedule, sort-of I'm told! It takes about an hour to get from the apartment to the downtown ministries.
This is A4 bus which will be my favorite form of transport for the next bit of time!

This is a local bakery which was one of the first stops in my 'getting acquainted' tours!

Here is a local post office, which is open every day until 2 pm. It was one of the few places where I thought I'd try to learn some Greek so that I can send some letters!

Every week on Tuesdays our street is turned into a local market. It is called a liki (or folk) and they sell everything from food to various things like purses, rugs and random gadgets. The vendors open up around 7:30 am and go until late afternoon. I have a feeling this will be a great place to buy my produce before ministry on Tuesdays!

This church is a landmark at the bottom of the hill. It is a Greek Orthodox Church and seems pretty popular from what I could tell on Sunday. I've seen a few Greek priests in their full black robes walking about very scholarly it would seem!

This is my favorite part of getting used to Athens - the toilets and their issues. Athens has very ancient piping, so the toilet paper is not allowed in the toilets! It is quite the adjustment I must say, and will take a few mistakes to get used to I'm afraid. The apartment where I'm living has the added burden of being very old and their toilet piping is in the upper cabinet that can only be reached with a borrowed ladder! I have a feeling I'll be learning a lot about plumbing here!
I'll be taking some photos of the team and the upcoming ministry stay posted!


Chris said...


Thanks for the post... And, you should get a scooter instead of spending an hour on the bus/metro!

Anonymous said...

Здравствуй, работа?

H said...

THANKS for posting the photos - aren't the lemons just beautiful?! I'm enjoying keep up w/ your blog - be blessed!! ~ Heather

Jenny B said...

Haha. Not flushing the paper. Oh the joys of Greece :) Have fun. After you get used to it it isn't too bad really.
I am glad you are settling in. Praying for you