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25 October 2008

First Pres Missions Conference

I have a tradition now when driving to Chattanooga, Tennessee...I always stop to view the beautiful mountains at this particular rest area. There is nothing like seeing God's beauty and drinking it all in, especially after a six hour drive!

I've not been to the missions conference at First Presbyterian for some time, and it was such a delight to see and catch up old friends. Not to mention gave me a chance to display new information about fighting trafficking in Eastern Europe.

Over the weekend I was honored to meet with two new friends, who are both exploring the world of Russia (a love of mine for sure!). They are also considering some issues dear to my heart, so talking over bagels and coffee we had a providental discussion.

My dear friend Therese has been going through some physical trials, but she is just as spry and gentle-spirited as ever!
And who can leave First Pres without having visited the famous missionary closet? It is indeed a place for a shopping spree, where the gals don't let you leave unless you have at least 6 bags full!

I have to say this ministry has kept me in clothes ever since joining the First Pres family. And I tend to look even better with all their advice too!

A new spot for hospitality meant that I got some great new friends, as well as rose early for walking along missionary ridge. What a lovely place for a sunrise!

Outings during the week lead to some great frienships, and I am honored to have met so many of these refreshingly true people. It was such a challenge to keep up with many of them, especially the early walkers!

A trip to the local orchard was wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with my new friend Jill. Isn't it amazing how we can be from so far away, and yet have so much in common?

My time was spent in meetings and chattings and sessions, but I have to say that what I will remember most is the connections with both old and new friends. Who knows when we will meet again?

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