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26 August 2008

Nostalgia and DC

On the road again...

My sister Becca and I just undertook the drive from Indianapolis to Williamsburg, Virginia. The windy back road of Kentucky Highway 9 lead us much of the 12 hours across the country, but in my mind it was a rather fun trip.

Visiting with a college friend Tori, we got to experience the sights and sounds of both colonial Williamsburg and DC. I must admit to being addicted to the flavor of DC, as it has such old charm despite it's politics.

A visit to the National Cathedral was a highlight. The prayer room was my favorite actually, as it reminded me a bit of Russian worship in its glory and light.

20 August 2008

UP North

The UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan is absolutely beautiful! Just had a wonderful time with family and friends experiencing the sights. I can recommend visiting!

The boat ride to Machinaw Island was especially fun for those of us wearing hats!

And the best kept secret of UP is their fudge - on every corner and worth the calories!

Log cabins and porches are one of my favorites!

06 August 2008

Calvin RP International 08

What an amazing experience to spend a week with fellow believers in challenging talks, encouraging times of fellowship and singing the Psalms!

Not to mention that I had the priviledge of hanging out with a group of high schoolers for devotions and discussion along the way.

Thanks girls! It was a great week!