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10 June 2008

Yulia's Wedding

May 10th I had the priviledge to participate in my former roomie's wedding in Moscow.

The wedding preparations were done on Friday night, and if I do say so myself it looked beautiful! Everything was set for the Saturday wedding!

Guests arrived Saturday, May 10th with their finery on eager to see this blessed couple married!

Even Alexei arrived with a smile, and didn't look too nervous!

The wedding was beautiful, and full of the meaning of communion and fellowship.

Afterwards, there was a wonderful sit down dinner with lots of activities, songs, videos and special guests - the gypsies!

1 comment:

susan said...

Almira and I are having a disagreement. Was the wedding JUNE 10 or MAY 10? Since you NEVER mentioned a date and looking at your blog, the wedding was in JUNE. Please help us settle this disagreement. Our unity is broken. YOU MUST FIX THIS!!!!!