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06 June 2008

Friends across the Ocean

No matter how much time has elapsed, friends in the Spirit are always close at heart.

I found this to be indeed true as I reconnected with Russian friends in May. Nadya Abydenova and I visited our favorite discipleship spot - the Starlite diner.

Nadya Otverchenko and Natasha Kazimirova and I took some long walks and discussed life, missions and girl stuff!

And of course, we had to stick in a trip to the new Starbucks on Arbat Street. What trip would have been complete without some coffee with Jean?
And hanging out with the Corley family and foreign friends was also a priority!


Cathy Sheets said...

It's nice to see some familiar faces are still there and doing well. And gotta love Starlite Diner! I miss those early morning breakfasts. Yummy pancakes and great fellowship.

Phoenix Opazo said...

k. So the photo of Lance's family is great...but it might lead one to wonder if their son is wearing any clothes???...I'm sure he is-but the way the photo captures it leaves it open for wondering???