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14 June 2008

Clarifications and such

For those of you that I have thoroughly confused, I must admit to being skimpy on the details and apologize!

I have just recently returned to the US from a trip to Moscow, Russia. I left in April and was gone until June 4th. One of the main events of the trip was the wedding of my former roomie Yulia to her handsome guy Alexei. I also got to enjoy wonderful fellowship with many friends and teammates, as well as experience the joys of Russian spring.

As I was living in many different spots during my month stay (total of 12), I was not able to communicate nor put any photos on the blog! So I am doing that now...which is why you are getting so many shots of 'past' events.

Terribly sorry to have not said this to begin with, and hope that no one's life has been confused as a result!

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