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30 June 2008

Plov and Americans

When I was last in Russia a friend of mine shared her 'secret' receipe for a favorite Russian dish - plov (or plof to us English speakers).

It is a delightful chicken, garlic, carrot, rice dish that I have often enjoyed but never actually made myself.

Until now!

For a church fellowship luncheon I decided to make Russian plov and see if I have any Russian culinary skills!

I must say that even though I was not allowed to add as much garlic as it called for, my parents fearing the overwhelming taste would ward off most church members, it was a hit. I came home with an empty bowl, as well as having had the opportunity to share a favorite Russian dish with my fellow believers.
Next receipes....

23 June 2008

Growing Up Family

It is indeed great to be an auntie! And to the cutest little guy in the world, Phoenix!

He came to visit Indiana for two weeks, and I must admit to spoiling him just a bit! But then again, I was not the only one that played with him...

14 June 2008

Clarifications and such

For those of you that I have thoroughly confused, I must admit to being skimpy on the details and apologize!

I have just recently returned to the US from a trip to Moscow, Russia. I left in April and was gone until June 4th. One of the main events of the trip was the wedding of my former roomie Yulia to her handsome guy Alexei. I also got to enjoy wonderful fellowship with many friends and teammates, as well as experience the joys of Russian spring.

As I was living in many different spots during my month stay (total of 12), I was not able to communicate nor put any photos on the blog! So I am doing that now...which is why you are getting so many shots of 'past' events.

Terribly sorry to have not said this to begin with, and hope that no one's life has been confused as a result!

10 June 2008

Yulia's Wedding

May 10th I had the priviledge to participate in my former roomie's wedding in Moscow.

The wedding preparations were done on Friday night, and if I do say so myself it looked beautiful! Everything was set for the Saturday wedding!

Guests arrived Saturday, May 10th with their finery on eager to see this blessed couple married!

Even Alexei arrived with a smile, and didn't look too nervous!

The wedding was beautiful, and full of the meaning of communion and fellowship.

Afterwards, there was a wonderful sit down dinner with lots of activities, songs, videos and special guests - the gypsies!

06 June 2008

Friends across the Ocean

No matter how much time has elapsed, friends in the Spirit are always close at heart.

I found this to be indeed true as I reconnected with Russian friends in May. Nadya Abydenova and I visited our favorite discipleship spot - the Starlite diner.

Nadya Otverchenko and Natasha Kazimirova and I took some long walks and discussed life, missions and girl stuff!

And of course, we had to stick in a trip to the new Starbucks on Arbat Street. What trip would have been complete without some coffee with Jean?
And hanging out with the Corley family and foreign friends was also a priority!

05 June 2008

Return to the Motherland

Returning to Russia always involves intense packing...but wedding decorations and dogs make it especially hard to stick within the alloted weight limits!

Yulia's bridal shower was full of 'traditional' games, food and some lively gift giving!

Not to mention a crowning of the wedding princess!