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25 March 2008

Taylor 3EO Pals

There are just some things that are 'everlasting'...and I happen to think that perhaps some of those things are relationships forged in college!

Elizabeth and I lived on the same dorm floor most of our college years, and became friends. We are vastly different, yet are still friends after all these years...must have been our conservative natures? I've not seen her in years, so was delighted to see her and her boys on a surprise trip to her parents.

And those Italian restaurants are great places for sharing and laughing over old and new stories!

22 March 2008

Birthday Presents

For this year's birthday I just happened to be around when my parents were headed south. So they took me along! I must say that for an adventure it was a great time hanging out with some old church friends, and getting acquainted with my sea legs!

21 March 2008

Long Lost Relatives

My dear Great Aunt Betty was a stop in the past month. I've not seen her for a bit, and as she is 'getting up in years', I wanted to have some lasting memories. Her daughter Paula and granddaugher Erin treated me while there, and it was great to catch up on all the news from these dear relatives. It reminded me that family is such a blessing, and I felt priviledged to get some time with them.

Travels and Beginnings

There is nothing like collecting shells, praying on the beach and listening to God's word from older, wiser leaders. This past month I was invited to participate in an ELIM (Encouraging Leaders In Ministry) retreat held by Barnabas International.

I have never seen so many shells on the beach naturally! It was amazing.

One of the true joys of the retreat was meeting other like-minded missionaries and ministers, and praying and sharing with them. God blessed too in that my roomie had lived in Ukraine for many years, and thus we had a lot of similar memories to talk and laugh over!

I learned many things about our role as sheep, and felt that God reminded my soul of His truths..."The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...." Psalm 23