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26 November 2007

Russian Chocolate

There are some places in Moscow that everyone should go to, at least once in their lives. One of those places in my opinion is the Red October Chocolate Factory. Situated in the middle of central Moscow, this pre-revolutionary building houses one of the most famous Russian chocolate factories.

So a few of us gals went to sample the chocolate and take a tour of this historical monument.

Started by a German in the 1800s, it has become one of the oldest and most famous Russian chocolates. And is rather good if I might say so myself!

It gave me a bit of a new perspective on the process of chocolate making to see all the effort involved, and the various innovations which make it possible at all!

The factory is being moved outside of the city limits, and thus the quaint building in downtown Moscow will no longer give off the yummy smells of chocolate.

Yet the tradition will continue, just not in quite such a historical place!

It might not be Swiss Toblerone, but it sure is good!

1 comment:

Chris said...

AH!! Man... I need to get there.

Maybe we can set that up as a trip if I come back this summer... hmmm...