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12 November 2007

7 Years of Russian Youth Ministry

Can you imagine, it has been 7 years since Perspektiva began in Russia!

It was 7 years ago that God used our team to begin a youth training school called Perspektiva. We were all teachers, administrators, drivers, janitors and counselors to the students. What began humbly and with only a few actual 'youth leaders, has lead to a growing school where students get practical hands-on Russian training. Praise the Lord! Now there are more than 30 regional youth leaders who have been trained and sent out, and are more effectively working with teens throughout Russia.

This past weekend our team had the priviledge to gather some alumni and current students to celebrate God's miraculous working in the youth ministry of Russia.
We celebrated with a banquet, souvenir team cups, and a time of worship and song together! Then we spent some time encouraging and hearing from our alumni about their continuing work with youth in their home regions. God is indeed doing an amazing thing here in Russia, and continues to work through Russian leaders to reach out to lost teens.

As the event administrator I will say that it was a crazy time with lots of unexpected changes and challenges! But upon listening to the students and hearing how encouraged they were by being together in fellowship, I was overwhelmed by how God used the event in their lives.

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