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02 September 2007

Grace Alive

I never would have thought that two days on the train would be such an adventure, but after crossing two night borders and having to haul luggage to the 'ends of the earth' I have a new appreciation for planes!

Yet the time spent was well worth the fellowship.

Nadya Otverchenko is one of my oldest Moscow friends. She now works for IT Russia as administrator for the mobilizing of Russians out as missionaries. Her life as a wife and mother of two has not allowed her many adventures, and this 'spur of the moment' trip was to be her first outside of Russia! Not to mention her first time in a hotel or at a major conference!

We arrived safely in Kiev, to be met by Natasha and Sasha with IT Ukraine. Natasha gave us a lovely tour of Kiev and then treated to some fabulous pizza!

Once we arrived in Poland, we were whisked away to the quiet hill town of Ustron. We spent most of our time in worship, challenging lectures, mentoring discussions, walks into the town and fellowship with other European missionaries.

I am so grateful to be part of an organization that recognizes the benefit of bringing fellow missionaries together. It was a huge refreshing encouragment to my heart to be with others who struggle with some of the same issues that face me in my field. I forget often that I am not the only 'foreigner' in a foreign land.

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