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29 July 2007

Out it Goes

It always helps when moving, to throw things away.

And I mean just throw them out. Of course I am usually one for trying to give things away first, but when in doubt just pitch it. Right now my decision making process consists of a five second emotional thought and then...whatever is covered with dust goes!

Some friends came by to 'relieve' me of my stuff...and it made for a fun time actually. My advice to those who want to get rid of things...invite over objective friends and let the fun begin!

Wedding celebration

Married yesterday Anya and Avik became one of our first home grown Paradigma couples! It was a lovely ceremony and both looked radiant...strangely enough!
Not to mention the beauties that were in the audience!

Becoming an Aunt

On July 16th my little sister Anita had her first baby! I became an official aunt!
We had been calling the little one 'Untitled' Opazo...but his name is Phoenix. He was born 10 lbs 3 oz...and had the biggest head that the hospital had seen! He is obviously going to be very, very smart!
Both Anita and baby are doing well. I can't wait to see him and teach him a bit of Russian!

Greek Missionaries

What joy to hold a new little one! Our Russian speaking refugee friends invited us to celebrate the arrival of their little girl. She's a cutie!

Fellowship with the gals on the team was another part of the trip. My role of helping Almira become 'part' of the team included introductions and fellowship. They are a fun bunch!

And of course, there was the ministry three times a week at the Athens Refugee Center. Not to mention helping with give-aways, the weekly Persian fellowship and other such events. We kept busy no doubt!