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20 June 2007

Travels and Pineapple

The month of May for me was full of traveling, fellowship and new experiences. I went straight from one trip returning late at night, to the next early morning trip - for about 4 weeks!

Trip Number 1...

My sister Becca joined me for International Teams annual conference where we spent a lot of time learning about leadership and enjoying the fellowship of missionaries from around the world.

Spending time with others learning about their mission fields was eye-opening and very encouraging.

Our Moscow team spent most of our time in meetings, but had to get some 'fun' in during the meals! It was wonderful to see how the gang rose to leadership and presented the ministry in Russia. Not to mention how well they play water polo!

Traveling around the country there was a lot of time for chatting and seeing things, plus the fun of packing luggage on TOP of the van daily! It was actually a rather good system, for even during the torrental downpours not too much got wet. Imagine that!

We also got to participate in a fun adventure at the end - zip-lining!

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