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09 May 2007

Home again in Indiana

Time does fly when I'm home, even though I wonder what have I been doing?

Let me think...

Daily 4:30 am wake-up call for exercise boot camp with my sister
Daily walking the dog who is just sure that I am here for only that purpose
Daily devotions and reading all these great books I've been given
Daily talking with asundry friends and family getting reacquainted
Daily doses of good 'home grown' coffee
Daily touching base with Russian gals and those 'left behind'

Travels, lunches, dinners, Bible studies, prayer times, doctors visits, shopping...
And so passes the days!

It has been great to be home for a bit and remember why I like the US! Not the least of which is time with my family! But it usually has something to do with regularly scheduled programming, lots of coffee at church, a myriad of wild shopping sales, lots of deep God conversations, tons of hugs from family and a doggie kiss from Wally daily...not to mention coffee...or did I mention that already?

Anyway, as I snuggle down at home it reminds me how hard it is to leave. Yet I then read stories of other missionaries that have gone before me, read the tales of courage in God's word and watch movies that inspire like Amazing Grace...and I ask for His inspiration and strength to always take that step forward with joy when asked.

Hard isn't it?

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Lisa (Moscow) said...

hi! :)