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05 April 2007

Last Days

Every car should have a name I think, and my car has been called Puzzle. There were so many people that gave of their hearts to make that car a part of my life, and she has served me over the past four years.

As I think about the fun and funny memories associated with this little blue VW I think of: going to the dacha and having to change my first flat tire on the ring road of Moscow, packing as many of the Paradigma Church members into the back seat as possible for a midnight ride to catch a train, singing along with Lianna and Deanna on the way to a team retreat, getting lost in the north of Moscow trying to find a random pensionate, picking up suitcases, meeting planes, dropping off friends at the train station, driving to the forest and through huge holes for Natisk Camp, firsts of Perspektiva students, graduations, weddings and births...a lifetime of memories.

So many memories and so many blessings that God gave me through this car. And today, after much deliberation and prayer, I passed the ownership from myself to another believer.

I sold my car.

And as much as I think that this was the right path, I am still a bit sad to see this era of my life go by. Sad really.

For every one of you that gave or have ever ridden in my car, today is a tribute to the blessing that God gave me in having that car.