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13 March 2007

Gideon and Athens

Thirteen Russians started out in the process eager to help with ministry in Athens, Greece in March. But now there are two of us that are actually headed out. Yet right now this does not feel like defeat, but rather a typical 'unusual' experience along the lines of Gideon's tale. That was always a favorite story of mine as a child! I loved the word picture of the few overcoming the many, and lighting the way in a creative and totally unexpected defeat due to obedience and the glory of God.

And that is just what we are expecting!

Tomorrow morning Marina Osipova and I head out to Athens, Greece for a 12 day short term missions trip. We will be following in the footsteps of the September team (, and eagerly await God's hand of guidance just as He guided Gideon.

Before my eyes will be the pots and lights of Gideon, and I wonder what will God do this time?

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