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09 March 2007

Central Asia and mobilizing

A big part of the future for Russia is in it's people. A vast and great resource really, that needs a bit of a motivating push to get going. So this is what our team is focusing on a bit more now - the motivating and mobilizig push.

We traveled from the cold of Russia (as seen in the photos) to the sun of Turkey. And yet we worked from 7 am until 12 or 1 am each night!

Three of us just got back from a conference for those from Central Asia.

We listened to, discussed, prayed for and dreamed about the ministries going on in parts of Central Asia. Our team was particularly touched when talking to a guy from Afghanistan as he talked about the great role Russians could play in reconciliation and prayer over hurts from political past. What great blessing that would be to see believing Russians asking for forgiveness for the wounding that their politics of the past caused!

I was blessed to spend a bit of time with my team members, and interact with believers who are currently facing persecution and difficulties. It was an amazing and priviledged time for me.

Plus I got to be the voice of our Russian gang on some video testimonies that will be shown at an International Teams conference. Amazing power that translating bit!

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