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02 February 2007

M and socks

Dinner at M's last night was full of fabulous peppery meatballs covered in sour yogurt topped with tomatoes and complimented with traditional rice plof. It was fabulous!

We sat on the floor around a tablecloth for several hours of fellowship, food and laughter. M is a Turkmeni refugee married to an Afghani. I met their family in September on my last trip, and fell in love with their little daughter R. She is turning 1 this March 8th. And she is expecting a little brother or sister this summer!

M speaks Russian and loves to chat about nothing and anything. In fact, it brought tears to the eyes of the gals when she said that she had learned to help others by watching them at Helping Hands reach out to the refugees. M grew up sympathetic to faith but very Muslim. Her spirit is very sweet and she has a heart for others, yet is very painfully aware of her inability to meet the requirements of her faith. She should be praying five times a day, but can not seem to do that. She should be helping others, but can't find the time nor resources. As she lamented this downfall, we offered to be her hands and her prayers.

"Would it be ok then if I prayed in place of you?" we asked. And M did not deny that others could take her place if they were so willing.

On our way home I realized that it had taken a year of visiting Helping Hands for M to see the love pouring out, and to understand it. Yet she noticed it. She still noticed it.

Amazing really that pouring tea and doing it weekly with a smile is a way to reach out. Who knew?
Trivia for you - I just found out last night that if I die with my socks on, then according to the Turkmeni superstition I am more full of sin than if I were to die without my socks. Interesting little tidbit eh? So much for cold nights and socks!

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