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09 February 2007

Frozen travels

Travel is a rather funny thing in my opinion, as within the space of a few hours I found myself in a completely different world. In the morning I was writing in my journal enjoying some light spring breezes and the sun. That evening I was bemoaning how frozen your nose can feel after only a few minutes outside!

I suppose that is what to expect when you go from Athens, Greece to Moscow, Russia in one day!

This week my time in Athens came to an end for now, and I headed back to Moscow. I was greeted by friends and teammates with hugs and work. I felt as if I was visiting old friends instead of returning 'home', and am thinking that even this feeling is something God is doing to prepare my heart. Whatever happens next however, I am glad to be here amongst friends and a great team.
The snow on the other hand is not such a welcome thing!

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