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21 January 2007

Peppers and Feta Cheese

Have you ever seen chaos?
I think that perhaps on Saturday at the Athens Refugee Center I saw chaos. It wasn't half bad.

It was a day for food, so people lined the stairway way before the opening at 11 am. While we frantically attempted to put the right number of olives, peppers, bread, cheese and napkins into a bag for each person they waited patiently. It is not easy to grab 5 olives, not 6 or 8 or whatever but 5!

Anyway, tea and food were served to around 500 people on Saturday.
That wasn't the chaotic part really.

It was what came later...groups of people here and there speaking, playing chess, watching a Jesus film, children running and playing, kids doing crafts, women chatting loudly over tea, babies crying and being put to sleep...this is what seemed to be like chaos.

And was a rather beautiful thing. As I sat in the corner holding a sleeping baby, I watched as this very random grouping of people from all over found a kind of beautiful fluidity in the chaos that is the Athens Refugee Center.

I was totally exhausted at the end, but I would never want to have missed it for anything!

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