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16 January 2007

New Life and obedience

Last night I didn't want to go out on the street.

It had been a long week of trying to juggle both outreach to the women on the streets, and participating in feeding refugees. Not to mention trying to fit into a city culture, buy food in Greek, learn how to turn on the hot water, find my way around new streets and in general survive.

Yet, in the end I remembered Oksana.

Once on the street it seemed that there were Russian speaking girls everywhere. Zhanna...Zoya...Dianna...Oksana...

"What is your mission?" Zhanna asked as she clutched the Nea Zoi (New Life) postcard in her hands. A gal from Krasnodar living in Athens for almost 3 years, she was eager to know why anyone would voluntarily come into a brothel. I told her that we merely wanted her to know that God loved her, no matter what and no matter where. She was shocked.

Zoya then came rushing in and asked if she could get David's Psalms from us? Would I bring it to her? Could I?

Me, feeling that I had nothing to offer and no words to tell any of these girls simple talked to them about what it meant to be from Krasnodar, and how much I too love the Pslams. What does God plan to do through this? I have no idea.

But I came to the realization that I am not responsible nor capable even slightly of eradicating evil from Athens. My being here in Greece is not going to stop traffiking of Russian speaking women, nor is it going to necessarily lead to any significant changes in the industry of prostitution.

And yet...

I am here in obedience. I am here to follow the guidance of God. Maybe He has big plans for this time and changes in the lives of Oksana and Zhanna and Zoya. And maybe not today.

But I am going back tonight to give Bibles to these gals, and then I'll just obey Him further.

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