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17 January 2007


Zhanna stood in wonder when I burst into the brothel with two Bibles. We made a bit of scene actually, which would explain things.

Frankly speaking I was a bit nervous. After ministry on Monday night I had been plagued by the thought that we were abandoning those who maybe wanted more. How can you even affect those you see with only one five second conversation? And when two of the gals asked for Russian Psalms, well I was overcome. I promised to bring them Bibles the very next day.
It turns out though that the ministry only does outreach to the brothels on Monday nights, and really doesn't go back during the week. Crazy yet based on lengthy reasons.

I was determined in heart though that these gals should have David's Psalms if they were seeking. So I convinced several of the other novices to go back to the brothels and deliver the Bibles.

We were fine until everyone started telling me 'something' might happen. What could happen I wondered? Well it turns out that a number of things could happen, but most likely nothing would. Even that news though began to weave a burden and fear into my heart. And yet, I wsa commited now as I had a group of eager risk-takers at my back.

So on we went.

Still though, by the time we got to the brothel at 19 down I was a bit nervous, and broke into a rampage of Russian at the first sight of a person. And the girl standing before me turned out to be Greek, which is not that close it turns out to Russian!

However to the left stood Zhanna who took the offered package with the precious Bibles, and said a quiet and heartfelt (it seemed to me) thank you. She promised to call if she wanted to chat. With that, we exited.

Nothing really. We just gave two gals Bibles.

But oh what a victory it seemed to me! We had given two gals Bibles, and had invaded a bit of the darkness with His light. Maybe it is really nothing but it made me feel that perhaps, just perhaps this one day something light had been done.

Maybe next week we can drink coffee and discuss their favorite Psalm. Miracles eh?

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