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18 January 2007

Around town

Here are some fun photos from life around town here in Athens...

The metro system is great, but I actually prefer walking.

Especially when this is the view that I got this morning! (Housesat for a gal that lives right under the Acropolis, yeah!)

Here's a group of great Aussie gals here to volunteer for a month. We watched a movie about children in the red light district of India over falafel. The movie was rather daunting, but very eye-opening about the life and future of children of prostitutes. For those who might want to watch it is called Born into Brothels.

Little Rabiya sleeps after being played out at the ARC Tea House. She was one of our favorites this fall, and still smiles when I talk to her in Russian! Her parents are still in Greece and expecting another baby this summer!

A friendly face at the ARC, Susan has been a huge help in getting settled and praying with me during my time here in Athens. Plus she loves to go to Starbucks and support my habit, even though she doesn't like coffee.


susan said...

Did you ask my permission to use my photo? You do know that pictures of me are copywrited, don't you? There is a fee for use of my image.

You can pay in Starbucks until February and then, you can pay me in Coke! ;)

Chris said...

Wow... Susan looks crazy in that photo, I think its the hair dude!

Thanks for the photos, my camera is buried.

Yeah for Spanish!

BamFam said...

Give the Aussies a goodonya from the Australicans in Geelong!

How good is it to see believers from different nations discipling other nations together!

We'll continue to pray for the light of the gospel to shine there in Athens, particularly among the brothels you are reaching out to.