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07 November 2006

Travel Buddies

Traveling is always more fun when done in twos! At least that is my opinion and the opinion of my Russian mobilization travel buddy Natasha K!

We just got back from a trip to St Petersburg where we were involved in a potential missionary training course. Around 25 potential Russian missionaries from all over participated in the 3 day seminars. We got to put on the face of short term trips!

Several of the students filled out applications hoping to follow God's call to the next place...where will that be? Our hope that as a result of our time there, they will hear the call and join us in Africa, Greece, Egypt, Vietnam...wherever!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Sounds like it was a great trip! You look so cold!! :) Warm up!

susan said...

Why wasn't I invited? That would have been so fun. I LOVE St. Pete. It was one of my favorite cities in the cold "vunderlan". Miss you.