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22 November 2006

Perspektiva and youth leaders

When you have 25 youth leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus all in the same room it can be crazy!

Just this past month our Perspektiva Training took place here in Moscow. Over the course of 8 intense days the students learned about writing a vision statement, putting together a team, listening to God's direction and a variety of other important lessons.

Living in various apartments, studying in a local seminary, eating 'home' cooked meals from our team members Lyba and Nastya meant that this Perspektiva had more of a relaxed atmosphere. But the key was not the external factors, but the internal connections it would seem.

Amazingly they were almost immediately a family. This group instantly connected and were already into deep dialogue and discussions before the end of the first day. How indeed should you get leaders involved in ministry? Should a teen be part of the leadership committee? Can you have valuable vision without experience? Etc!

Our team leader Lance said that in his opinion this really signified the growth of youth ministry in these countries, as the leaders were so one minded and like spirited that they instantly got along!

As a team we are excited to have all these students with us for 2 week periods over the next two years. We are indeed seeing the hand of God change youth ministry here at long last!

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