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22 November 2006

Lost Coin and Seeing with New Eyes

I've never been to Moldova. Until last week. You might ask why I went to Moldova? I went to encourage and support, which is one of my favorite reasons to visit a country!

Moldova is a country full of strong survivors. Although it would seem it is a rather forgotten country, as on maps it is always near the bottom corner...check it out sometime!

Lost Coin director Jennifer and I went to Moldova to participate in the first ever conference from an evangelical perspective on the issue of human traffiking and prostitution. Epidemically it would seem youn girls are being tricked, kidnapped and sold into prostitution from Moldova. The facts and figures showed that over half of the population was being forced into this form of slavery.

Just recently I finished reading a book called The Natashas. It is about this very issue, and although I would not recommend the book for the light of heart it was very powerful and challenging.

For me this all started with our visit in September to Greece and ministry to prostitutes in Athens with Lost Coin. And now as my heart is challenged it would seem that I am being constantly personally inspired to begin moving in the direction of helping, facilitating and whatnot. Who knows that it means really, but for now it means that I am able to help awareness about the issue.

The conference focused on the stories behind the issues, the bare economic facts and the call for evangelicals to be involved. The second day outlined the what to dos and how to start - just open your window and get busy with prevention awareness. How many youth leaders even think to warn their girls about the very real dangers in the country? How many are helping those truely at high risk? These were questions that challenged and helped Moldovan believers and non-believers to see how they could be involved.

I was priviledged to participate. I look forward with some trepidation to see what indeed God will do with me in this whole new field. But I know that His heart is broken over all these daughters of His in slavery.


Anonymous said...

"The facts and figures showed that over half of the population was being forced into this form of slavery"
Where did you find such facts? The problem of human trafficking is very serious for Moldova. However it's not the question of half of population being in slavery...

susan said...

I wonder how many of those girls were trafficked to Greece ... sigh ...

BamFam said...

Hey Stacie,
Brandon and I will pray for you as you search for God's will in all of this. We will also pray for the young girls whose lives are being hurt through all of this.