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08 October 2006

Great saying

I have this great colorful card sitting on my desk here in Moscow. For some reason, this card is classic in my mind, something that has depth of meaning like the changing of the leaves. Strange connection I know but still, it works for me. And right now we are in the height of Moscow fall. The leaves are turning their fanciful colors, and that makes me think about life and meaning. As does this card. So I thought I'd share them both with you...

"I have to disagree with the notion that we learn something new every day. I think I've had several days in a row where I haven't learned anything and even forgotten some things."

Thanks family for the card that reminds me that even life shouldn't be taken that seriously.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, fun quote :)

susan said...

Where you been, sweetie? I've tried contacting you on Skype with no success. I miss you. I miss Moscow in the fall.