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27 October 2006

Correspondence galore

The wonders of technology mean that I am able to communicate with you all daily, or even minute by minute if you so desire! It is moving me into the new century, meaning some work on my part...and coordination! But the benefits are great eh?

So to help this happen, I am going to start using a new e-mail account to keep this all in sync! It has calendars and random other goodies that will help me with work! You all can even get my calendar and schedule on-line if you so want! Wild, eh?

Go after as that will be my new 'name', and know that when I write back to you it will most likely be from my home workstation as seen here!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stacie,
cool blog, no it is really cool.
Maybe you need think about to create a button "switch to Russian"? It is will really help for person with Russian native language.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Just saying hi and letting you know I visit your blog... when you coming to visit??