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25 August 2006

Surprise Woodland Experience

Remember back in childhood when you went to camp and it was like being cut off from civilization? Did you ever feel like it was just you against the elements?

Well I have to say that the most recent Russian camp experience for me was similar to that childhood experience. And it was rather cool actually!

My Russian home church just finished its yearly summer outreach camp for teens - Natisk Camp.

My role is general helper, driver, translator and photographer. So I get to run around and take funny photos, and enjoy a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get a camp running.
This year we tried to include many new games, as well as old favorites like Safari - which you see above two of the 'wild elephants' from that game. Each year I am amazed by the energy and creativity of the team. I think they almost enjoy it more than the teens!

This year the team's focus was even more on reaching these teens with the wonderfully freeing story of God's love. We invited DJ Elf to preform his Christian hip hop daily and tell his testimony. Others daily shared about their lives with Christ, and talked about removing masks from their heart. During group time teens were invited to dialogue on probing questions about life, God and the true purpose of creation.

We were priviledged to see God's miracle among the lives of four teens - Serak, Olga, Andelina and Nastya. What an amazing thing to see - the change of a heart from death to life! Amazing and so wonderful that I can't even begin to discribe it! Praise Him!! As each of these new family members joined our team, we had the priviledge to pray for them and welcome them into a new life. God blessed us and gave us the joy of seeing immediate fruit from this camp ministry.

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Veronica Mitchell said...

Wonderful pictures, and good to see a new post from you. I added you to my bloglines account so I can read every new post as soon as it goes up.

We are praying for you.

Excuse me for commenting under my blogname.