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25 April 2006

Pictures from Athens trip

Just some random photos from the Athens trip January 2006 with friends and family.

Stacie tempting the fates of those who care for all the marble in Athens

Stacie and Susie after the "moosecaca" lunch.

In between worlds

I love that feeling of being in between worlds when you cross over from the walkway to the interior of an airplane. I suppose that when I have done it so many times it becomes habit, and yet it brings a certain excitment. An adventure begins!

It is especially surreal for me when there are multitudes of languages, cultures and habits all being mixed in the travel to a specific spot. Not long ago I traveled on a Russian plane for the metropolis of New York City. Despite the calm hysterics of the flight attendents people were up chatting, pouring drinks and carrying on as if we were in their kitchen and not on an international flight. As the conversations got louder and louder I was surprised to feel at home and actually calmed by the clamor. What causes them all to travel? What will they do once they arrive? I wondered when I sat and watched. Do they know that I live between worlds? Do they suspect that I live both in mind and heart in Russia? And yet in the US?

Not long ago I got the blessing of sharing both worlds with my Russian pastor Yuri Pojidaev. What a fun experience that was! We enjoyed Starbucks, bagels, malls and fellowship. I hope to be able to share such experiences in the future with fellow kindred spirits - and broaden their concept of the fellowship.

As I start this attempt to share my thoughts and experiences via a blog, I want to thank each and every one of you that has been with me during these travels. You are with me as I walk, live and minister - and so I want to give you as much of a window to 'our' life in Russia as possible.

Thank you for being with me!